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Dental Clinic Turkey Antalya

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At our dental clinic, with our 4 different dental units that are equipped with modern and new technology, you won’t have to spend much time on your treatment.

Our polyclinic is on the Mevlana Road, which is the most central location in Antalya. It is built on 450 square meters and consists of 4 full-fledged clinics, 1 full-fledged surgical clinic and fully-equipped medical devices.

Our clinic consists of top-quality devices that can serve in European standards throughout the country and throughout the world, which are produced by the biggest Dental Clinic Device manufacturer DENTSPLY-SIRONA, a German company that’s the best in its field.

BGZ Dental Turkey

What We Offer?

High Standard of Dentistry

We have adopted the principle of giving healthy and beautiful smiles to our patients. We offer dental crown, veneers, bridges, implants and more.

Specialist Dentists

Our dental team comprises one surgeon, an orthodontist, a gum specialist, and a dentist. We do all kinds of treatments for our patients with their experience, self-confidence and warm interest.

Latest Technology

We offer dental crown, veneers, bridges, implants and more. In all these treatments, we use the latest technology such as CAD / CAM system and quality-certified materials approved by the FDA.

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BGZ Dental Turkey

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